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Catherine is such a bright star as a teacher and musician. As a professional singing instructor, she gave me both genuine encouragement and practical exercises to help me improve. I also loved reading her inspiring blog posts on her website, The Guitar Witch. Her understanding of how to tap into human creativity is incredible!

Catherine’s unique teaching method creates – step by step – the ability for students to connect to the music that they love, play it for themselves, and write their own. Because the world is a better place when we are all free to express our unique voices and to truly be heard.

"Catherine is a really great teacher! I had so much fun learning how to belly dance!!! I'm hoping to get more classes in--that's how fun it was! If you're looking for a cool way to exercise, I totally recommend Catherine and belly dancing"
The Guitar Witch Ms. Catherine is a Female music instructor and dance teacher with a  background in psychology & spirituality.   It is her mission to help you reach artistic potential expanding far beyond your current imagination ~ 

Let your journey deepen​

The intention of The Guitar Witch is to bring you the very best in practical and esoteric advice to build your inborn talents, strengthen your creative body and tune yourself to the vibrations of the divine.  Through learning the art of music and dance, we connect to our inner wealth of power and inspiration ~ With our personal growth and accomplishment we heighten by small measure all of humanity. 
Check out the benefits of a new age online guitar learning experience, belly dance lessons and vocal coaching. 


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