Meet The Guitar Witch ~ Ms. Catherine 


Ms. Catherine is a signed professional Canadian musician, audio-engineer, artist, dancer, and author who has released a wide variety of work to international acclaim. She started playing piano at 8 years old and instantly started writing her own songs.  She has an ingenuitive approach to her own artistic works as well as her teaching style, culminating in the development of the Flourish Method™ for creative arts education.   Her book, The Flourish Method for Beginner Guitar, introduces her unique approach to music instruction.

Catherine has been teaching music since 2008 and dance since 2018, and has worked with students of almost all ages (currently ages 4-67!), and all skill levels.  Watching her students blossom into their inspiration is one of the ultimate joys in her life.  Catherine believes it is her mission to spread the empowerment, exhilaration, healing, and enhanced quality of life students can experience learning creative arts such as music and dance.  Catherine’s belief is that genuine, inspired expression encourages people to become more in tune with their emotional selves, leading to deeper insights, a sense of fulfilment and expansion, and ultimately healthier and more connected communities.

Catherine obtained a degree in counselling women in 2019 and later graduated summa cum laude at Athabasca University with a B.A. in Psychology, taking particular interest in biological aspects of learning and health, nutrition, women’s issues, spirituality, and ecopsychology.  Along with regular studies in the creative arts and self-development, she is currently studying more esoteric concepts including meditation, positive psychology, and shamanism.  She is dedicated to her continuous education through reading, listening to podcasts, and attending workshops and summits.  Additionally, she will begin working towards a degree in sound therapy in mid 2021.

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Catherine has overcome many difficulties in her career, such as escape from poverty, sexism in the music industry, and chronic health problems.  Catherine began showing symptoms of fibromyalgia at age 18, but with the help of professionals and instructors has developed detailed and nuanced approaches to technique, practice regimens, life management, and injury rehabilitation that are necessary for her to work around her restrictions – all of which can now be of benefit to her students. 

Through her experience and education, Catherine has developed  a comprehensive and holistic approach to teaching known as the Flourish Method™. This special approach focuses on creativity, emotionality, body awareness, and improvisation, with the ultimate goal of high levels of skill, self-confidence and creative artistic expression.  She currently offers private instruction, workshops for both students and teachers, and her first guitar method book will be available shortly (see a free preview chapter HERE). 

Catherine currently lives in Edmonton, Alberta with her cat, many plants, mountains of music equipment, lots of glittery clothes, and her long-time partner and bandmate Brennan.