Magick Month Day 7:  Cleanse And Consecrate Your Space

Hello and welcome to Magick Month!  For the entire month of October The Guitar Witch will be posting a new tip or challenge to help your creativity flourish and pulse with all the energy and life it deserves!

 Yesterday, I talked about how objects in our home are an extension of ourselves, our energy, and our own psyche.  Today I continue that tangent, talking about how taking the time to cleanse and consecrate your space can make a huge impact on how that space feels and how you function within it.  Hope you enjoy!

Chaos Breeds Chaos:

Until this year, I had been in school and working several jobs, as well as writing music, since I was 14. 

Since I was a young teenager, I worked very hard to have food and a roof over my head.  I carried this frantic energy far into adulthood, always working likely much harder than I needed to, driven by anxiety and exacerbation.  (Don’t believe me?  Check out my first album and you will see how chaotic and overworked I was, trying to overextend and “prove” myself beyond any necessity). 

The COVID layoff from my job as a nutritional supplement consultant, a sharp reduction of in-person students,  and my recent University graduation, have all coincided to give me the time to reflect and reorient myself for the first time in many years. 

I realized I have been carrying so much baggage, physically, psychologically and metaphysically, that I had not taken the time or energy to clear.   It is like I was “blocked up”. 

The Importance of Organized Space:

My home reflected this blockage.  Several moves, several years of things that were so poorly organized that I always felt that I didn’t have enough things.  In actuality, I have so much, but it was just not set up in a way that I could easily access or use any of it. 

Last week, I had this sudden urge to clean and organize everything.  And even though it has only been a few days, I can’t believe how much more organized, calm, and centered I feel now that the chaos in my space is lessened.  I feel whole, I feel like I can focus on creating and being instead of struggling and fighting.    

Again, your inner and outer space are reflections of each other.  As the Hermetic maxim goes: “As Within, As Without – As Above So Below”.  

(A good article on the Seven Hermetic Principles is findable here).

Cleanse and Consecrate Your Space:

As an exercise today, try to clean an entire room.  Somewhere that you spend a lot of time.   If you can’t do a whole room, commit to at least a full shelf or cupboard. 

Take items which no longer serve you, thank them, and let them go.  Donate them or put them up for sale or whatever you wish, but get them out of your space.    

Fill a spray bottle with pure water and a sprinkle of cleansing herbs or essential oils. 

Look at the bottle and say something like:

I bless this water.  Help me to cleanse and harmonize my space.

As you clean the room, spray this water and say:

Please help me cleanse this space.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.   

Move everything out of each corner and vacuum it, spray the water, be grateful, and ask for your space to be clean and harmonious.

Reorganize what you are keeping so it is easily accessible and aesthetically pleasing.


Take a moment to meditate on how things feel different. 

Do any emotions come up for you?  How did it feel to clear out what is no longer serving you?

Maybe write a journal entry, or say a prayer.  Take a shower and cleanse yourself too.

How do you feel?

In Conclusion:

While it may seem simple or even menial, taking the time to cleanse and consecrate your space can have a surprising impact on your creativity, your sense of flow, and your sense of comfort.  I found this to be so surprisingly soothing and would highly recommend it!

If you have any questions do not hesitate to comment below.

Thanks for reading!

~ Blessed Be and Happy Creating ~

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