Connect To Your Voice

Connect to your voice

The Guitar Witch will be posting a new tip or challenge to help your creativity flourish and pulse with all the energy and life it deserves! You can find previous days here but today I encourage you to connect to your voice!

The power of voice

The voice was the first instrument, vital and primal.  Speech and music originate from this deep source, where mind and emotion become physicality. We are drawn to it universally.  It represents our most authentic connection to music.

If you can talk, you can sing

Do you sing regularly?  With others or only alone?

So many of us are deeply insecure about our voices because there is something about being an instrumentalist that helps us to hide.

There is this translator, this intermediary between our emotions and our creative output.  But when we sing, we have no translator.  We are the musician and the instrument.  This can be extremely vulnerable.  And when we are feeling scared, that will come through in our performances, because there is no separation between ourselves and our instrument.

Fear is the voice killer

How would our guitars sound if they were scared? Can you imagine a timid piano?

Fear and sadness can make your voice crack and strain.  Dig deeply to purge and express and resolve these feelings to the best of your ability.  Shadow work might be helpful.

We can practice and prepare and make ourselves the best possible instrument we can be, but at the end of the day, we must surrender.  To the vulnerability, to the openness. But there are things that we can do to help this process along.

Here are some suggestions to help you become more in tune with your voice.

For specific exercises to improve your voice and vocal hygiene tips, check out my article: Singers: Preventing a Sore Throat

In conclusion

Getting connected to your voice means more than just becoming a more proficient singer.  It means connecting on a deeper level to where music flows through – your mind and your body.

I talk a lot about harmonizing or tuning the body so we can better resonate with and express musical inspiration.  We are whole beings, body mind and spirit, and the voice is the perfect crux of those aspects of us.  Our voice is us.

So take great care with this instrument, alright?

If you have any questions do not hesitate to comment below.

Thanks for reading!

~ Blessed Be and Happy Creating ~


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