guitar lessons

Guitar Lessons

Whether you'd like to learn to strum songs on the radio, write your own songs, learn to read music, play a variety of styles, get your practice routine streamlined, develop new skills to show off to your band mates, get over your performance anxiety, or anything in between, I can be of service to you! In addition to over a decade of experience as a recording artist, performer, writer, and teacher, I also have a degree in Counselling and a Bachelor of Psychology, and have worked as a nutritional consultant with General Nutrition Centers. I have also dealt with overcoming my own issues related to stage fright, perfectionism, anxiety, and chronic pain, putting me in a unique position to help you work through whatever may be holding you back, from psychological, nutritional, time-management, motivation, and physical mechanics. Let's figure out what it'll take to get you to the next level!

voice lessons online/singing lessons online

Voice Lessons

Whether you are a beginner with no experience, a performer battling vocal issues and fatigue, or anything in between, I can guide you through breathing techniques, exercises, posture corrections, and anything you'd like to know. I've been a performer all of my life and music teacher since 2008, and would love to help give your voice that extra boost it deserves! Available both online or at my studio in Edmonton

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Dance Lessons

Let me show you some basic belly dance moves and technique - a fun, sensual, revitalizing, and low impact workout with ancient primal roots! Classes are 45 minutes and include a short warm up and cool down. We will go over a few moves and then put them together for a fun combo. Ask me how to get this service for free if you agree to me posting our session on my YouTube page! Interesting fact: Many of the movements in belly dance are similar to tai chi and qi gong, so it *may* even help circulate *chi* or life force energy around your body. Try it out and feel invigorated!

Sound Therapy Coming soon...