Magick Month Day 10: Do Something Charitable and Kind

Hello and welcome to Magick Month!  For the entire month of October The Guitar Witch will be posting a new tip or challenge to help your creativity flourish and pulse with all the energy and life it deserves! You can find previous days here. Today I’ll be talking about why you should take the time to do something charitable and kind.  


A lot of what I talk about here at the Guitar Witch has to do with mastery of the self and personal creative achievement.

While I am still a firm believer that one must take care of oneself physically, mentally and spiritually in order to have what it takes to give greatly to others, it can be easy to lose the balance between gathering energy, skill, and knowledge – and releasing it.  At the end of pregnancy is birth; at the end of sowing, there is harvest.  As one learns, one should teach.  As one achieves, one should give.    

Giving time or money to causes or people you value is a deeply important part of any personal journey and any spiritual practice.  It is integral to what makes humanity functional.

When one gives one gets

Doing something kind and helpful not only is beneficial for those around you, but also helps you.   From a Western scientific standpoint, the psychological and altruistic benefits of charitable actions are strong.  They make you feel better and improve your social standing. 

If you feel like garbage, its likely you will treat yourself like garbage.  Kind acts help make you feel worthy of all of the love and healing you deserve – a necessary prerequisite to truly levelling up. 

One reason we live in either factual or psychological poverty (or both) is adherence to the “scarcity mindset”. 

A great book on this topic is Scarcity, by Sendhil Mullainathan and Eldar Shafir.

In one of Tony Robbin’s talks, he explains that one way we can trigger ourselves to know we have enough is to give.  The real psychological and spiritual effects of doing something charitable and kind are immediate and strong. 

From a selfish standpoint, it also feels good to give to others.  And personally, I always learn a concept best when I am teaching it (otherwise I can be somewhat flighty). 

The Woo Side of doing something charitable and kind

On the definite “woo” side of the spectrum, kind acts raise your astral vibration (making spell work and intentions have less “friction”), and brings your body and energy into greater harmony, making it more impervious to sickness and the ill will of others. 

When you give to others you may find that your luck improves.  The universe smiles at you. 

Why we don’t do kind and charitable things.

Despite all of these benefits, it’s easy to imagine why one wouldn’t want to give others their time and money. 

There is a deep fear-based aversion to giving people something that we have worked hard to have, that they haven’t.

They might not deserve it, they might waste it, they might not appreciate it. 

Sometimes trying to help someone or a cause feels like throwing energy into a black hole, never to “pay off” or be reciprocated.

One thing that I’ve noticed is that even if the person I think I’m helping doesn’t “get better” or “pay me back” on my terms, the deeper benefits are still there. Things still go better for me.    Kind acts help me know that I am a good person even though I have done horrible things in my past, as we all have. 

We are not our own worst deeds – and charity and kindness help us to know and feel that. 

The universe will smile back at you even if not from the direction you expect. 

Do Something Charitable and Kind

Pick something you care about. You don’t have to do something big – even something that seems so small to you may make a big difference to someone or something.  



  • Give a monthly donation to a charity working towards something you believe in: Something as little as $10 a month adds up over time and helps provide them with a stable budget.


  • Volunteer time with an organization or charity: If you have the psychological stomach for it, I recommend volunteering at a distress line or suicide hotline.  It’s extremely tough but also very rewarding.


  • Foster or adopt an animal


  • Do things around your neighborhood with or without a group, like pick up litter


  • Buy local, organic, and fair-trade products when you can afford them. We vote most often with the dollars we spend.  Food producers have an incredible amount of power and respond quickly to market demands.  This can have a huge impact on the environment and labour standards worldwide. 


  • Start your own garden and a compost pile. This reduces waste and greenhouse gas emissions, increases the nutritional content of what you’re eating, and provides many organisms with a home and food source.


  • Share important information with friends and loved ones. Ignorance is the enemy of a better world.


In conclusion

Doing something charitable and kind can be very big or very small, very time and energy intensive or very easy.  Hopefully you already find time to have some of these activities in your life, and hopefully this inspires you to perhaps add something else. The physical, psychological, and spiritual benefits are palpable and swift. 

How do you give back, and how do you gain when you give?


If you have any questions do not hesitate to comment below.

Thanks for reading!

~ Blessed Be and Happy Creating ~

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