Pray Over Your Meals

Hello and welcome to Magick Month!  For the entire month of October The Guitar Witch will be posting a new tip or challenge to help your creativity flourish and pulse with all the energy and life it deserves! You can find previous days here. Today I will explain why its a good idea to pray over your meals, regardless of your faith associations.

 Pray Over Your Meals

Atheism to Pantheism

When I was a teenager, I was a hard, Dawkin’s style atheist.

When I was very young, I always imagined that there was a goddess too, and when a friend of mine’s father told me that there was no Goddess, only a male God was real, my young mind came to the conclusion that “Religion is Stupid”.

I felt abandoned by the sacred and opposed to patriarchal interpretations of God. 

This hard, positivist outlook was a part of my journey that I am very thankful for.  During this time I read many books on DNA, evolutionary biology, neuroscience, physics, and the science of belief.  I found authors that challenged my mind and taught about the very forefronts of scientific advancement.  It’s what made me capable of keeping my grades high and obtaining my Psychology degree. 

I am very thankful for this time because it taught me how to learn.   

I was dragged from this mindset kicking and screaming, basically.  Why I stopped being an atheist is a long story, perhaps for another post!

Accepting the power of thought

An outgrowth of this atheist mindset is a hard skepticism that has stayed with me, even as I started to recognize the deep consciousness of all matter. 

When I first started reading about new age “positive thinking”  I thought that it was horribly toxic.  But what I encountered was “toxic positivity” – not true manifestation-style positive thought.

Toxic positivity

Toxic positivity is when we victim-blame people for their circumstances by saying “you must not have wanted it enough”, “Maybe you should have acted happier” and shames people for giving accurate appraisals of negative situations.

Being realistic and being “negative” are two different things, though they can coincide.  Ignoring reality and putting rose-coloured glasses on is an ugly form of ignorance and in no way is it truly “positive”. 

Practical Positivity

“True” positive thought does not blame, does not insert answers where ignorance exists, does not ignore reality. 

We can practice healthy positive thinking through daily gratitude, creating and working towards ambitious goals, taking time for self-love and self-care, and simple daily practices such as praying over your meals.

Praying over one’s food is a form of practical positivity.  When we bless food, or ask a higher power to, we are practicing deep gratitude, mindfulness, and connection to that which nourishes us. 

Pray Over Your Meals

The possibilities for saying a blessing over your meal are endless.  

My grandparents would always just say something freehand and short, like:

Thank you for this food and thank you for this day.  Thank you for our family being here safe and we ask that you bless this food in Jesus’s name, Amen. 

I have made a habit of doing the Golden Dawn’s Blessing:

Give 3 knocks.





Make a cross of white light over your food.  See light streaming from around into your food.


May this food grown in the soil of the kingdom feed our bodies and nourish our souls

Thus sustained we reach ever towards the heights of Kepher

Again make a cross of white light over your food.  See light streaming from around into your food.


Thus sustained we reach ever onwards on the path of knowledge that leadeth into the light

Again say:




And again give 3 knocks.

 A good article on the benefits of prayer over meals and some other suggestions for types of blessings can be found here.

In Conclusion

Whether it is an external force, Qi or prana, our own consciousness, or some psychological trick, praying over your meals can improve your mental state.  It is a very low effort way to get a little extra bump in your health and mood, and we need all that we can get. The healthier you are, the more in touch with the universe and your subconscious you are, the more in touch you will be with your creativity.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to comment below.

Thanks for reading!

~ Blessed Be and Happy Creating ~

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