Start Tracking Your Vital Statistics

Hello and welcome to Magick Month!  For the entire month of October The Guitar Witch will be posting a new tip or challenge to help your creativity flourish and pulse with all the energy and life it deserves! You can find previous days here. Today I encourage you to start tracking your vital statistics.

When health is strengthened, so is the will

As our internal state becomes more harmonious, all the more shall we resonate with inspiration, flow, passion, and drive.

We build upwards on spirals of progress, each step driving the next one forward.  Like a fractal pattern we expand outwards on the trajectory of our actions.

Do you know if your actions are in the right direction?

Yesterday, I talked about starting one beneficial habit and ceasing one detrimental habit.   But how can we truly know which is which?  We can do this through measurement.

Measurement is key

Measurement is perception.  It is mindfulness and attention.  What we measure, we can improve.  If we do not know what we are doing, how can we know if we are improving or worsening? How can we know if our habits are serving us or controlling us?

Reliance on the fragile human mind, with its biases, moods, and whims, is foolhardy as a lone measurement tool. 

How will you remember the consistency of your moods 6 months ago?  You may think things are the same because of how gradually they changed, but you may find that if you did consistent work that you are actually doing much better now. 

Mood is not reality

I know personally that part of depression and anxiety is to feel like “nothing is helping” or that “things are getting worse”.  I don’t struggle with these problems nearly as much as before, part of which is because I am able to correct this erroneous conclusion with evidence I gathered through tracking. 

It was a great help to that change in perception to be able to look and see that I have improved greatly, even if some days are still hard.

There is something so freeing, so motivating, at knowing and being able to physically see that your hard work does make a change in the quality of your life. 

What should you measure?

I track things like mood, sleep quality, creative work, diet, and supplements and look for correlations.

One of my personal trackers is available in the shop here.  I make this available for free for all of my clients.  

I include both the PDF and the Word file in the download so you can customize it as you wish.  It is made to be printed on both sides, so every 2 weeks you print a new one.   I tweak it slightly every time I print it. 

You can also your own or try to find a habit tracker app.  Productive is pretty good, but I haven’t found one that measures as much as I want in a way that is convenient for me.  Also, Productive does not measure correlations.

 I would love to develop an app one day so I can see direct correlations between activities (e.g., if I am in a better mood, do I tend to spend less money or work out more?)

Track strategies and goals

In addition, I also use spreadsheets and calendars to track goals, write notes on what I’ve learned, and track longer term progress in various areas.  

I provide help developing these routines for yourself as one of my services

In Conclusion

We are all scientists and magicians of the self.  Changes to physiology and psychology are often slow and gradual and thus difficult to perceive in ourselves. If you take the time to start tracking your vital statistics you will be much better poised to improve and expand your health, creative output, and connection to yourself and your own actions.  

If you have any questions do not hesitate to comment below.

Thanks for reading!

~ Blessed Be and Happy Creating ~

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