Upgrade Your Morning Rituals

Hello and welcome to Magick Month!  For the entire month of October The Guitar Witch will be posting a new tip or challenge to help your creativity flourish and pulse with all the energy and life it deserves! You can find previous days here. Today I encourage you to upgrade your morning rituals.

Mornings set the whole tone of the day. 

If you do not have a morning routine that builds you up, inspires you and connects you to your goals and the best in yourself, make the time for it.  Without distractions if possible. Get up earlier, go to bed earlier if necessary.  Defend this time.  Easier said than done, yes, but your blossoming is of highest importance.

Nothing throws me off more during a day than sleeping in or needing to rush off to do something extremely early.  The morning routine is a huge part of my life enables me to function in multiple roles.


Upgrade Your Morning Rituals


I talk about the benefits of dream journals here.  I highly recommend this practice, as well as Morning Pages (as written about in Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way).  I talk a bit more about why I think Morning Pages are amazing in this article

Prioritize your time

After basics like showering, writing, exercise etc., do your most important task first.

I kept falling into this fallacy that I would do important work later in the day.  Well, later in the day I am much more likely to be sore, exhausted, stressed, or occupied by minor emergencies and chores.   

I would much rather feel rushed in the morning yet still connected to my goals and passions than to begin the day in a more tranquil yet uninspired way.  Everyone is different in this regard, but I just find that this works best for me. 

Inspire yourself

I try to get up early enough that I can touch on everything that is important goal-wise at the time.  Even if I only have an extra hour, I play a bit of guitar, write for this blog, perform an Ancestral Prayer, and plan out my priorities for the day.  Even 15 minutes on a task that is important to you is infinitely better than zero.

Seize the now

Later may never come! Offer no resistance.  The time you take dreading doing something or hmming and hawing about which task might be best to do is likely longer and more stressful than the task itself.  Try not to overthink and just tackle it.


Distractions, interruptions and attempts at multi-tasking to interrupt flow and increase the cognitive strain required to complete a task. 

There’s a great test for this – If you have someone in your life who claims to be a great multi-tasker, get them to try this as well!

Task 1:  Set a timer and write the numbers 1-20 and then the letters  A-T. 

Like this: 1 2 3 4 5 etc.

                 A B C D etc.

Task 2: Set a timer and write the numbers 1-20 and letters A-T

Like this: 1 A 2 B 3 C 4 etc.


Which one takes longer?  Or leaves you more flustered?

So, try to carve out alone-time while you are working on your tasks. 

However, distractions, interruptions, and interjections of the needs of others are normal occurrences.  Thus, it is madness to get upset by them (negative emotions might still arrive at times though).  If you expect these, they are easier to recover form and will not upset your equilibrium. 

Include something spiritual

Do prayer, ritual, a simple morning meditation or add gratitude journaling into your writing.  Get connected with universal energies, a sense of love and appreciation for those around you, for life, and for yourself for all the hard work you do.   

In conclusion

Like so much else in life, conscious attention and construction of a morning routine can have a huge impact on the quality of our lives and our work.  Each day becomes a chance to realign with our values and lean into the act of becoming that which we desire to be.  Every day we will more fully embody the highest vision of ourselves, if that is what we spend our attention on.


If you have any questions do not hesitate to comment below.

Thanks for reading!

~ Blessed Be and Happy Creating ~

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