Magical Herbs and Supplements for The Brain

Hello and welcome to Magick Month!  For the entire month of October The Guitar Witch will be posting a new tip or challenge to help your creativity flourish and pulse with all the energy and life it deserves! You can find previous days here. Today I will talk about using magical herbs and supplements for the brain.  

Pronounce your strengths

I talk often about becoming a finely tuned instrument.  We are the crystal through which the universal light shines through, and our physical and psychological constitution is what determines the spectrum of light that spills forth.

Over the next couple of days, I will be talking about several plants and isolated substances that can help improve biological functionality.

I will list personal allies that have helped me a great deal and are generally well tolerated.  However, everyone’s biochemistry and physical constitution is unique, so substances that work great for one person may be detrimental to someone else. Please tread with caution and pay attention to your body. 

Encouraging brain health

One of my favourite things to study in university was neural regeneration. For so long, we thought that damage to the adult brain was permanent.

The fact that the brain can regenerate gives me so much hope for all of us. When our brains are working well, we can be more conscientious of the environment around us and can focus more on what really matters without getting caught in primitive response patterns.

Not only that, but a functional brain is a creative brain, a problem-solving brain, and a resilient brain.

For more specific suggestions regarding neural regeneration, particularly following exposure to drugs or other neural toxins, my full paper on this subject is available in the shop.

Magical Herbs and Supplements for the Brain

Lions Mane – Memory, Mood, anti-anxiety and depression, nerve damage

Lions mane is a rather interesting looking fuzzy white mushroom, which has been used for centuries to aid aging and cognitively declining brains.  

While exactly how and why the biochemicals (such as polysaccarides) in lions mane creates changes in the body is still up for debate, we do know that this mushroom has a strong effect on the body’s ability to stimulate NGF (neuronal growth factor)[1] which is necessary to regenerate nerve tissue (which is what our brains are composed of). 

I notice a large difference in mood and general attentiveness while using lions mane, and I use a fairly low dosage (250 mg).  This is about half of the recommended dose.  However, I am a fairly small lady so others may need a much higher dose to have a noticeable effect.  The effect does increase over time with regular use, but I did feel an improvement on the first day. 

Huperzine – Memory, perception, concentration

Huperzine is extracted from Chinese club moss or fir club moss plants.  How it works is by increasing acetylcholine in the brain.  Acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter which is necessary for memory and perception. 

This is another supplement that you should be able to notice a difference with immediately.  One interesting effect I have found with large amounts of acetylcholine increasing substances is that they tend to make colours seem brighter and sounds seem more distinct.  However, these larger doses can also push me to feel anxiety, so again listen to your body. 

Rosemary – Intellect, concentration, memory

Rosemary contains many phytochemicals, some which have been found to exert positive effects on the function of the brain[2].  Many of these chemicals are also in thyme and sage, which also have beneficial effects on the brain, immune system, and various other body systems. 

Perhaps not surprisingly, rosemary also corresponds with memory and intellect in folklore.  

This herb can be eaten with food, added to tea, or its essential oils can be inhaled for positive effects[3].


Creatine – Cellular energy, protection of the brain

Commonly used as a workout supplement to encourage muscular growth, what most people don’t realize is that creatine also does amazing things for the brain. 

It is a neuroprotectant that can reduce damage caused by stroke or exposure to methamphetamine[4]

One of the reasons for this is that creatine speeds up the rate at which our cells can make ATP, which is the fuel that runs every cell and cellular function in your body[5]

You can add this into drinks, soups, or even cereals without it effecting the taste much.   I usually stick with creatine monohydrate as it’s the most studied and readily available, but makers of other forms of creatine propose benefits to these various other kinds (such as creatine hydrochloride).


In conclusion

The natural world is filled with substances that can harm us or can super charge us.  It is up to us to determine which is which through research and experimentation.  Hopefully you have learned something about how magical herbs and supplements can be incorporated to help increase your mental powers! 






[2] These include rosmarinic acidcamphor, betulinic acid, and carnosol.

[3] Plasma 1,8-cineole correlates with cognitive performance following exposure to rosemary essential oil aroma.  Retrieved from:



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