Magick Month Day 29&30 Appreciate What You’ve Already Accomplished & Recap

Hello and welcome to Magick Month!  For the entire month of October The Guitar Witch will be posting a new tip or challenge to help your creativity flourish and pulse with all the energy and life it deserves! You can find previous days here. Today I will talk about appreciative what you’ve already accomplished – and doing my part by giving a recap of the previous days so far.

Flow and Resistance 

I had planned to do full posts today and yesterday, but a series of minor emergencies and delays has really cut into my writing time and concentration.  So today I wanted to focus on encouraging you to appreciate what you have and what you have already accomplished – by doing so myself. 

Always rushing

I am a bit of a work-a-holic, and I am obsessive about goals and deadlines.  This causes me a lot of suffering and takes me out of mindfulness and flow.  

So today, instead of stressing about my own self-imposed deadlines, I will calmly give this list of what I’ve already talked about during Magick Month.  It is a lot of stuff already and I am grateful towards myself for the work I have already done.  I am trying to learn to be kinder and gentler towards myself, instead of tyrannical.  

If I had to guess, this is something you are probably doing to yourself as well.  

Remember to give yourself some credit!

Furthermore, there’s still one more major post for the finale tomorrow!


Magick Month Days 1-28

Day 1: Make Your Instruments And Tools Into Servitors – Today I will be talking about how to make your instrument, paint brush, computer program, or whatever your weapon of creation is into an even more tuned, powerful and sacred tool for your work. 

Day 2: Put Manifestation Messages Throughout Your Home – Manifestation messages are little notes and reminders of your intentions that you can use to keep your mind focused and alert to your goals. This also draws energy into your items and space to be more in alignment with what you are trying to achieve. 

Day 3: Set a Retro-Intention – A retro-intention is an intention that we send out today that can seemingly alter the past. If time is truly non-linear and we only experience it chronologically, this would seem to make sense – however, this concept truly boggles the mind…

Day 4: Leave An Offering For Your Ancestors – Offerings (as well as charitable work) are a way to show your gratitude towards the universe and the energies in your life, where you came from, and what gives you life and character.   Psychologically, they signal abundance and help us to pull out of a “scarcity mindset”. 

Day 5: Changing the Station – Changing the Station means to switch up what we normally do and thus get on a different frequency than we usually are.  This can prevent burnout from trying to align to one “station” too long.  This means doing something different and new. 

Day 6: Turn Household Items Into Allies – An ally is someone who helps us out, who works with us as we strive forward towards our goals. We can take our concentration and magickal energy and imbue the items we use every day with some magick to help us out. 

Day 7:  Cleanse And Consecrate a Space – Yesterday, I talked about how objects in our home are an extension of ourselves, our energy, and our own psyche. Today I continue that tangent, talking about how taking the time to cleanse and consecrate a space can make a huge impact on how that space feels and how you function within it. 

Day 8: Single Note Meditation – The Single Note Meditation is a guitar meditation technique that I picked up from the legendary virtuoso Steve Vai. 

Day 9: Add One Beneficial Thing to Your Diet and Take One Detrimental Thing Away – Today I want to focus on those bigger bulk things we do that become the background of our physiology.

Day 10: Do Something Charitable and Kind – Doing something kind and helpful not only is beneficial for those around you, but also helps you. From a Western scientific standpoint, the psychological and altruistic benefits of charitable actions are strong.

Day 11: Shadow Work Part 1 – Shadow work is meant to help us express our anger and the primary emotions that lead to it in a healthy manner – and then get on with life.

Day 12: Shadow Work Part 2 – The Shadow Work practice I described in Part 1 is only the beginning of the archeological dig. We may find hidden treasure, or monsters which must be annihilated for us to reach ever upwards on our paths. 

Day 13: Ritual Shower – A ritual shower is a simple visualization based practice that you can do each time you shower. 

Day 14: Listen To All Of Your Work – Creative people move forward quickly, learn much, and often change and grow in unexpected ways. Taking the time to listen to all of your work can help you learn acceptance, letting go, and also valuing of yourself as you currently are. 

Day 15: Start a Dream Journal – A dream journal can be a microscope which allows you to peer into a usually unseen world, enhance our ability to lucid dream, and help make the unconscious conscious. 

Day 16: Pray Over Your Meals – Praying over one’s food is a form of practical positivity.  When we bless food, or ask a higher power to, we are practicing deep gratitude, mindfulness, and connection to that which nourishes us. 

Day 17: Start One New Habit and Stop One Old One – Leaving an old habit behind will open an existential vacuum in which another, healthier and more conscious habit can inhabit.

Day 18: Start Tracking Your Vital Statistics – Measurement is perception.  It is mindfulness and attention.  What we measure, we can improve.

Day 19: Connect To Your Voice – The voice was the first instrument, vital and primal. Speech and music originate from this deep source, where mind and emotion become physicality.

Day 20: Upgrade Your Morning Rituals –  The morning routine is a huge part of my life enables me to function in multiple roles.  If you do not have a morning routine that builds you up, inspires you and connects you to your goals and the best in yourself, make the time for it.  

Day 21: Expand Your Media Palate – Our inner and outer world is composed of what we surround ourselves with, of what we consume. This is as true of food as with anything else we let into our bodies, including media. 

Day 22: How to Make A Vision Board – Visualizing the life we want helps to clarify your desires, your ambitions, and your values.

Day 23: Powerful Gear for Guitarists – There is a happy medium, where technology can be used as another extension of creative force.

Day 24: Shield Your Energy (+ Worksheet) – Energy takes time to build and collect. Your time, energy, money, and attention are all being clamoured at by advertisers, the people around you, and your own internal imbalances. 

Day 25: Self-Love and Self-Improvement Worksheet – Today I’ll share with you my Self-Love and Self-Improvement worksheet, and talk about why it is important to work on both simultaneously.

Day 26: Use Fantasy to Choose Empowering Roles – Today I’ll go over why imaginative thought about yourself and who you are can get stifled, and then go through an exercise that uses the imagining of fantasy lives to help you choose more empowering roles in your real life.

Day 27: Magical Herbs and Supplements for The Brain – Over the next couple of days, I will be talking about several plants and isolated substances that can help improve biological functionality.

Day 28: Magical Herbs and Supplements In Your Cupboard –  Today I’ll talk about some special properties of a few common herbs that you likely have on hand. 

If you have any questions do not hesitate to comment below.

Thanks for reading!

~ Blessed Be and Happy Creating ~

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3 thoughts on “Magick Month Day 29&30 Appreciate What You’ve Already Accomplished & Recap”

  1. Thank you for doing this work and putting these ideas into the universe and for making these blog posts free! I am a guy, and I felt it was very helpful getting the female point of view regarding magick and self improvement. I play a bit of guitar myself, so I also dig the guitar tips as well! I grew up in a cult and fully mentally escaped in my early twenties. The cult was basically unannounced magick (pretended to be something else), but instead of increasing your own power you would unknowingly flow all your power to the cult leaders and organization. When I freed myself I became very materialistic. Now in my early thirties, I am beginning to investigate magick and “something more” in the universe to reset that relationship with the unseen universe since it had previously been so negative and abusive. So, just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that I found your blog posts interesting and helpful. Keep being awesome!

    1. Thank you so much for your comment! I’m so sorry that you had to go through that, but I’m sure you’re using that energy to your advantage now. Life is so hard in its way on everyone, and we all get to choose what we do with those experiences. Will you be victim or warrior? You’ve seen the worst and now know the power. I had negative experiences with Christianity so also was very materialistic for a while. A series of mystical experiences dragged me kicking and screaming into seeing the “unseen”. I wish you all the best on this sacred journey.

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