Magick Month Day 5: Changing the Station

Hi there and welcome to Magick Month!  The Guitar Witch will be working every day in October to bring you great content to help you hone your magick skills and tune yourself to receive and express creative energy.

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Today’s topic will be Changing the Station. 

What do I mean by Changing the Station?

I often refer to the receiving and expressing of creative inspiration and energy as a result of being “in tune”.  Changing the Station means to switch up what we normally do and thus getting on a different frequency than we usually are.  This can prevent burnout from trying to align to one “station” too long.  This means doing something different and new. 

I’ll be talking about this in relation to creative work, but we can take this principle with us in other walks of life as well.

Who needs to change the station?

Let’s say that you are a guitarist and vocalist.  You spend several hours a week in this role.  You identify with others doing the same thing to the neglect of other relationships.   You recite riffs similar to those you have heard, but contribute little to the ongoing development of your genre(s) of choice.   

You may do alright, you may put out albums and play shows and experience marginal success, but you are doing nothing “new”.  You could tread water like this for years, unaware that you could be doing something far more interesting, would you dare to step outside of this narrow path. 

Is this a rut?

Many artistic people work themselves into these “ruts”.  Honestly, many may not see them as such and may in fact thrive in this monotone reality.   However, I believe music as art requires creativity and experimentation, and thus sticking with an orthodox approach would never be something I could function with or would recommend.

I however believe my musical work is infinitely enriched by looking outside of my chosen genres and into other forms of art, being, learning, and moving.

Changing the Station

In Liber Null, chaos magician Peter J. Carrol talks about rolling a dice and letting it determine what religion you will follow, or if you will be an atheist or agnostic for a short amount of time.  If one does this exercise, you will find that belief, points of view, and any belief you hold most sacred to yourself is flexible and can, at least temporarily, be shifted.  

You can empathize with people who you believed hold the most ridiculous seeming beliefs if you shift your perspective. 

Just for one day

I want you to attempt this in your artistic life.  Even for a very short amount of time, just for a day.  Say to yourself, I am a Renaissance-style painter.  Do some sketches, even if very poor.  Try your hand at some painting.  Listen to classical music.  Dress the part.  Just switch up what you are doing and try to have – professional artists may view this as a dirty word – fun.   You may be stunned at what you are good at!

Changing Back

This is meant to be a temporary exercise, but I recommend doing it regularly.  For me, I have many roles and I like to visit them each at least a couple times a week.  Even if so, trying out a totally new, weird, and bold one can have surprising effects in your main work.    I talk about the principle of Cross-Pollination for Creativity in this prior blog post. 

You can bring these new experiences into your work and enliven it.  We are capable of experiencing and expressing so much.  Do not get lost in seriousness and machismo.  Life is short and the world is vast. 


In Conclusion

Changing the Station requires that you maybe take yourself a little less seriously than normal for the day (or perhaps you will choose a specifically austere persona if that is what is unusual for you!).  

It is not a commitment to alter your personality, it is not disingenuous.  It allows us to shift, take a much needed break from certain paths of thought and feeling, and to explore and expand our creative horizons.  

I wish you the very most creative and mind-expanding experiences with this exercise! 


If you have any questions do not hesitate to comment below.

Thanks for reading!

~ Blessed Be and Happy Creating ~

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