Magick Month Day 6: Turn Household Items Into Allies

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Creativity is work

Anyone who has done a creativity-based job knows how exhausting it can be, and how little else we at times have energy for. Even simple things like making dinner – and for some, even maintaining basic hygiene – can seem too intensive a task. 

Professional artists, musicians, writers and other highly creative people are also more prone to certain mental illnesses[1][2].   Mental health issues can make daily tasks seem insurmountable (I have been there myself and it is not fun).  Obviously, practices such this is no cure for those issues, and I implore you to seek help if you are in a dark place.  There are so many amazing resources out there if you are struggling.  I highly recommend this organization and of course, working to find a doctor that you trust.

Regardless, we can make these simple daily chores a little bit more nourishing, magical, exciting, and creative by turning household items into allies. 


What do I mean by an Ally?

An ally is someone who helps us out, who works with us as we strive forward towards our goals.  We can take our concentration and magickal energy and imbue the items we use every day with some magick to help us out. 

How can I turn my Household Items Into Allies?

It may seem ridiculous, but:

Talk to your coffee, talk to your food, talk to your skin care products and your clothes.  It doesn’t have to be out loud; it doesn’t have to be all day.  But view your environment as an extension of yourself and “hype it up”!  

You can also create sigils or servitors like I talked about on Day 1 of Magick Month

Some examples:

This serum makes me young eternally

This moisturizer makes me glow with health

This couch restores my vitality

This bed is a sacred space where I commune with the subconscious and am deeply healed. 

This food feeds my mitochondria and gives me great energy.

I like to write out simple word-based sigils on little cards and tape it to items so it still gets some extra life even if I forget. 

For example:

This serum makes me young eternally = srmksyngtl = surmkyntl

Or something like that. Don’t overthink it! It’s the intention that matters.

In conclusion:

You are magickal creative royalty and you should treat yourself and your surroundings that way.  Turning your household items into allies is a simple and fun way to do that.  Talk yourself up, talk your environment up.  Treating even “non-animate” (debatable!) items with respect will also help you feel love and acceptance towards your fellow living creatures. 


[1] Meyer, J. S., and Quenzer, L. F. (2013). Psychopharmacology: Drugs, Brain, and Behavior. (2ndEd) Sunderland, MA: Sinauer Associates, Inc

[2] There are many possible causes of this, such as low-income, social pressures, the like, and it does not mean that one needs to be mentally ill to be an artist or creative. 


If you have any questions do not hesitate to comment below.

Thanks for reading!

~ Blessed Be and Happy Creating ~

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