15 Minute Mudra Manifestation Meditation


Welcome to this Mudra Manifestation Meditation. My name is Catherine and I develop meditations and music to enhance creativity and inner harmony as part of my devotional practice and for the joy I get from sharing what has
worked for me with others.

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Intention and Method

Our meditation today is based off of various occult practices, some yogic elements, and the Soul Sync meditation developed by Preethaji and Krishnaji of the PKConsciousness institute[1]. The goal of today’s practice is to realign energy flow within the body and to use this energy to aid in the manifestation of a goal. It starts with breath cycles with alternating mudras, followed by a manifestation

We will move through mudras, or hand positions, with each inhale, changing the mudra on each inhale. One reason for this is to prevent hand cramping, but also to disperse energy in a less concentrated form when one is first getting accustomed to making motions and is more likely to make mistakes. More experienced practitioners can move through a mudra after every 10-breath cycle[2].

We begin with 5 cycles of 10 breaths which we will “count” by going through each mudra cycle twice.

Begin the first breath with the tip of your index finger touching your thumb (Gyan mudra).

The second, we will move to the thumb and tip of the middle finger (Shuni mudra).

The third, we will touch the thumb to the top of the ring (Surya mudra).

The fourth, we will touch the tip of the pinky and the thumb (Buddhi mudra).

Lastly, we will touch the tips of the ring, pinky, and thumb together (Prana mudra).

Not only do these mudras have their own benefits, but they will help us keep track of our breaths so that our minds need not focus on counting.

The Practice

1. For the first 10 breaths: Breathe in gently and exhale fully, starting with the index finger touching the thumb. Imagine breathing in life force and breathing out stress. Keep shoulders relaxed and try to breathe smoothly and silently through your nose. For the second breath, touch the tip of the middle finger to the thumb. let the Keep posture upright yet relaxed with the chin slightly tucked. For the third breath, touch the top of the ring finger to the thumb. For the fourth breath, touch the thumb to the tip of the pinkie. For the fifth breath, touch the tips of the ring, pinky, and thumb together. Repeat this cycle once more, changing the
position of your fingers each time.

2. For 10 breaths: Hum on your exhale. Powerfully enough to give your sinuses a sense of vibration or buzzing. We will still go through the mudras on each breath. 

3. For 10 breaths: Attention to the pause between the breaths. It is ok to hold a little while when the lungs are full to the top and empty to the bottom. Continue moving through the mudras on each breath. 

4. For 10 breaths: In your own mind, say silently “Ah hummm” as you exhale.  Still move through the mudras with each breath.

5. For 10 breaths: State an intention or mantra of your choosing as you exhale, continuing to go through the mudras. 

6. Move your hands to the Prayer position or touch the tips of your thumb, index, and ring fingers together (Rudra Mudra). Imagine the barriers between yourself and the objects around you getting fuzzy. Think of the energies within your body and within the atoms of all that surrounds you, and imagine the flux and impermanence of all things. Imagine that all is
made of the same substance, and think of melting into your surroundings.

7. Open your palms on the top of your knees. Feel heat in the palm of your hands. Imagine an orb of energy forming in either hand. It can be any colour you like, but white or golden is good to start with. Imagine that you are drawing energy from above through the top of your head, and circulating it through your body. Imagine that it is circulating between you and the earth as well. Imagine energy gathering into your hands and the orbs growing brighter. Bring your hands together, creating a bigger orb.
Move your hands away, growing it larger as you do this, and then bringing your hands closer together, compressing it. Do this until you can physically feel it.

8. Think of something you are trying to manifest, become, or are working towards. Try to create a clear image of it. If this is troublesome, try describing it to yourself in extreme detail. Place this thing in the orb. Again if you are having trouble “seeing” it there, tell yourself it is there. And now spread your hands and release this intention into your surroundings. Imagine it spreading out to everywhere it needs to go. Allow your heart rate to increase and become excited. Release and let go.

9. Breathe deeply and let your heart rate return to resting. How do you feel? Pay attention to any tension in your face, your neck, shoulders, elbows, hands, back, chest, stomach, hips, buttocks, thights, knees,
calves, ankles, and feet. Let go of all of that tension. 

10. Say a brief “thank you”, a prayer of thanks or gratitude, and finish off your practice.  Many will say things such as “As I will, so mote it be”; “As I will, it is so”; “Thank you thank you thank you, I love you I love
you I love you”, etc.

Video:  https://youtu.be/yFGiVo_QznM

Blessed Be and Happy Creating ~

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More information on Soul Sync can be found from PK Consciousness Institute here

More information on Mudras can be found at Chopra.com here

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