Magick Month Day 2: Put Manifestation Messages Throughout your home

On day 1 of Magick Month, we discussed making your main tools or instruments into servitors. Today follows a similar vein, in which we will put manifestation messages throughout our home.

What are manifestation messages?

Manifestation messages are little notes and reminders of your intentions that you can use to keep your mind focused and alert to your goals. This also draws energy into your items and space to be more in alignment with what you are trying to achieve. For me, it is all about tuning your inner and outer environment to better become a conduit for creative force, and to keep the subconscious plugging away at solutions during your day to day activities.

Where should I put these messages?

I like to write my intentions on sticky notes and put them on the bottom of my computer screen, on mirrors, and in my bedroom. I also make a Dream Board or collage that I keep in my office. Basically, put it anywhere that you will see it often and that is functional for you.

I would recommend switching them around every once in a while however. I find if I keep the same message in the same spot too long it starts to lose its effect and becomes merely a part of the background.

What should my manifestation messages contain?

Manifestation messages should consist of simple, short, positive sentences written in the present tense. In this way they are very similar to mantras, and you may use mantras as well. I like to write mine in the first and third person, depending on the type of message.
Some examples include:

You are brilliant, beautiful and courageous.

Every day and in every way, I’m getting better and better.

I can survive anything.

I am safe, happy, and healthy.

What happens when they get dirty, old, or outdated?

As they age, replace them. When I remove them, I put them in my “God Jar”. My god jar is a simple jar where I put things for “God to take care of” (haha). I’ll go into making one in a later post. You could also say thank you to them and then burn them, bury them, or add them to your compost pile.

IN conclusion:

It will only take a few minutes to write out a few of these messages, but the positive effect is lasting. You will be consistently brainwashed that in fact you are worthy of your goals, you ARE in fact a miracle, you are destined to achieve your goals and thus elevate the entirety of humanity.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to comment below.

Thanks for reading!

Blessed Be and Happy Creating ~

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